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Friday, May 9, 2008

Back From Connecticut

Well I am back from a wonderful weekend in Connecticut for my niece's Bat Mitzvah (she was PERFECT). These are a food related items that have caught my attention as I decompress from this event:

The results of my poll were hardly conclusive, but it's an odd coincidence that this article appeared just after the poll closed - it looks like the Japanese are breeding "safe" fugu, and the traditionalists are up in arms:
“We won’t approve it,” Hisashi Matsumura, the president of the Shimonoseki Fugu Association and vice president of the National Fugu Association, said of the legalization of fugu liver. He added, “We’re not engaging in this irrelevant discussion.”

Harper's has a great article about Raw Milk, at the same time a Pennsylvania farmer was arrested and his Raw Milk product seized. I have mixed feelings about the latter, as I noted some time ago at A Hunger Artist. ETA It appears the farmer in question has been fined $4,300.

It appears that if you serve foie gras from geese fed naturally, rather than by gavage, you can still find your restaurant picketed.

I have touched upon food for fuel and its affect on food prices well you are going to really start feeling it at the market.

Finally, the Dodge Road Elementary production of The Little Mermaid opens today featuring my youngest as Ursula, the Sea Witch - break a leg, Beezil!


jerryc123 said...

Thank you very much for the link to the Harpers article on the raw-food movement. I found it well-written and fascinating.

Scotty said...

I also thought it well balanced between the possible health benefits and the possible health risks. I just want the choice!

redman said...

dodge road elementary?! That's where I went. first through fifth grades baby, and then on to good old Helen Lemme. You guys must live close to where I lived. We lived in ransom oaks, on the other side of that wilson farms near the elementary school

Scotty said...


I live IN Ransom Oaks! Charlesgate Circle just off Old Oak Post! The Wilson Farms is still there1

redman said...

too funny. small world. We lived at 5 inverness circle. I used to deliver the paper all over that place. Your street sounds familiar. Are you near one of the pools? Any neighbors who've been there since the eighties?

redman said...

I just looked at a satellite picture. I used to spend a lot of time up in Charlesgate circle. I had a lot of friends up there. Lots of nice bike paths between the homes, along the golf course, right?

One of my favorite parts about living there was that bike path that went all the way around the golf course, actually.

Scotty said...

Yep. A short walk to the Greenwood pool, and if you stand in front of my garage and look east you see the fairway of the 8th hole at Glen Oaks near the tee!

You were near the Ransom Oaks pool - my 9 year olds's best friend lives on Oak Hill!

Really small world.

mike said...

For the record, I have eaten Walu , the Hawaiian Version of escolar -the fish in question about twice a week for a few years . Seriously I suffered no ill effects whatsoever. Proper cooking techniques have alot to do with oil retension, as does the quality of the fish you start with.

Scotty said...

Ah, but Mike, if you are my friend Mike, I'd eat anything you prepared, because it would be done properly -- but simply offering a fish for sale that might be a problem . . .

But hey, I am the guy who ate two olestra chips and spen the next day in the can ;-)

Scotty said...
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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
- Arthur C. Clarke

Life's too short to eat bad food -