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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Tale Of Three Meals

Some final thoughts about my road trip last weekend. When traveling in unfamiliar terretory, food is often a problem - especially on limited access roads with a 7 year old who will only eat overprocessed chicken nuggets, not fingers, etc. The other three of us are happiest at a truckstop or diner - the kind of place that still serves meatloaf sandwiches and liver and onions. So the first meal was at a Wendy's.

Meal 1: Back when I was in my fast food is only food phase, Wendy's was my favorite. Of late I have found that any fast food makes me physically ill. We aren't talking food poisoning, but massive indigestion. I felt ill on the road. I felt ill at the hotel. I felt ill at the Temple. I felt ill at my Sister's and didn't get to enjoy the lovely buffet she had.

Meal 2: Same problem, with time constrained we talked about a chain, but instead decided to take a risk. A wrong turn took us to beautiful downtown Danbury, and Royal Guard Fish & Chips - run by a Pakistani couple. Crisp and flaky batter around sweet fish, with what appeared to hand cut chips. Delightful. No aroma of overused oil at a great value. Wake up Buffalo! This is what a fish fry should be like!

Meal 3: The Bat Mitzvah. Was the food as good as it was at my cousin Nicole's last fall? Not quite, but then her father rented the FRAKKING Ontario Science Centre for the party! Of course the food was fabulous. The Salem Golf Club did a super under what I personally know to be difficult circumstances. The salad was interesting and tasty, the salmon moist and delicious. but, so much is going on at an event like this that you don't get to enjoy the meal.

The best of the three is, therefore, the fish and chips shop. An accidental discovery enjoyed with family is always the best!

Oh, and one of the distractions at the Bat Mitzvah was finally demonstrating that I am the Graet American Chef! ;-)

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
- Arthur C. Clarke

Life's too short to eat bad food -