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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


There is no such thing as a Buffalo Wing. Buffalo (Bison bison) are mammals. They don't have wings.

There are just Wings.

They are neither baked, broiled, broasted or roasted. They are not breaded. They are not cajun nor teriyaki nor BBQ. They are not boneless.

There are many legitimate other uses for the chicken wing, but they are not Wings.

Considered to have been created at the Anchor Bar, a mere 20 minutes from here, Wings are Deep Fried and tossed in a sauce of butter and Frank's hot sauce (No Tabasco or Crystal or Texas Pete, etc. allowed). A bit of ketchup may be added - the corn syrup helps the sauce stick.

They are served with celery and or carrot sticks. And Blue Cheese dressing (Ken's was the standard). The best wings were served at Rooties, but it is now gone, with only a satellite in KY remaining. (OK, aside from the fact that I REALLY loved the wings while at UB, it was our regular hangout after we closed down DACC's. And the bartender then was smokingly hot!)

So for the best wings in town, you have to come here -on the one or two days a year I make them!


tyronebcookin said...

I am pretty sure it was Buffalo Wings for Buffalo, NY.

And you are getting a might bit narrow minded about them wings!

Although I do understand it when a man gets perculier about his perceived origin and necessity of claiming sole proprietorship of a food item and/or perceived idea of it.

SO I would agree on these items, they must be fried and the sauce is half butter and half hot tabasco, no other kinds of convaluted ideas of sauce, and definitely NOTHING sweet. But I might want to debate WHAT hot sauce can be used and still be called 'Hot Wings' or 'Wings'.

Purely my opinion of course. But I do tend to treat it as truth, solely because its mine! LOL!

Scotty said...

We in WNY are persnickety about our wings. Yes, the "Buffalo" refers to the second closest city to me, but when we hear things like boneless Buffalo wings it makes us want to puke.

T-man, I use Frank's for no other purpose, but it is the real "wing" flavor. Heat is usually modified by the sauce/butter ratio, but for extra heat we tend not to change from Frank's, but to add some cayenne.

I like hot things, but plain hot works for me. I pass on suicidal . . .

tyronebcookin said...

Well we don't use Franks in the south, (or even California, ha!) so I have to use Lousiana, Crystal, or Petes...but I am with you on the cayenne, and I too pass on the suicidal (I like to enjoy my food and heat, not be in pain! LOL!)...and boneless is just a gimmick for wimps & lazy people, not to mention the loss of flavor from NOT cooking it 'bone-in'.

Next time I am up that way I will have to try some 'Franks'.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
- Arthur C. Clarke

Life's too short to eat bad food -