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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nomenclature II

So, my wife thought she found a good bargain on what was labeled a pork loin roast at our local Tops Market.. She knew we wouldn't get a chance to to eat it right away, so we popped it in the freezer. I pulled it out and put it in the fridge to thaw without really looking at it. I figured I'd whack the chine bone, so I could carve it, and have some good eats. But, when I pulled it out of the fridge, I got a surprise. While one side of the roast showed the characteristics of a loin cut - the "T" of the back (chine) bone, an eye of both the loin and tenderloin muscle. The other side clearly showed the hip bone. It was a sirloin roast and after I made stock to turn the leftovers into pot pies, it was clear I was right.

Now it was tasty, but a consumer who didn't know the bone structure of meat would be disappointed. There has to be a way to get this right.

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Ann said...

Yep! It's fixed!

Know what you mean about inaccurately labled and/or poorly cuts of meat... so annoying.

Scotty said...

Yeah, I can go to any tire store and order a P195/60 R15 tire. But I don't know what I an getting at the supermarket!

redman said...

I hate that too.

I have to say I am having a flashback seeing that Topps label, had forgotten all about that place; mom used to shop there when I was a kid.

Is Wegmans still going strong? Remember them as super stores full of some decent product

Jack Rawlinson said...

My God - even I can see that's a hip bone! I'm the sort of person who'd be straight back to the shop complaining about this - even if I'd cooked something nice with it!

Bob del Grosso said...

The closet that thing has ever been to a loin was when the Tops butcher has his way with it.

Bob del Grosso said...

That should have read "had his way with it."

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
- Arthur C. Clarke

Life's too short to eat bad food -