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Monday, August 13, 2012

Local Gems

Have I  mentioned before that I do not do restaurant reviews? - Scotty Harris

I don't. But I do talk about restaurants I go to. Especially something interesting.
Just south of here is the intersection of Dodge and North French Roads, the very location of the girl's alma mater Dodge Elementary. Take the left on North French and head out. Past Transit it becomes County Road, and then Hunts-Corners-Akron (what kind of street name is that?) until it ends at Rte. 93 in Akron. This is our standard route when traveling East. Take a right and cut over to the Thruway. A left gets you there too, via the Res for gas.

We go this way often. We know the landmarks along the way: the bus barn; the tree farm; the giant mosquito sculpture; the horse farm located right by the graveyard (turning the game of "bury your horses" into a giggle-fest). Reliable Propane always makes me muse about an "Unreliable Propane". Sounds like a Simpsons gag.

Earlier this year we were returning from my homeland of Pittsford when we discovered something new along the way - what appeared to be a trailer and some tables in a small clearing beside the road. We were traveling at nice clip, but Trish and the girls were pretty sure the sign saying one of my favorite things: BBQ.

Over the following weeks there was a lot of buzz floating around the Internets (particularly in the Buffalo/Niagara Foodies Facebook Group), but one thing or another kept us from trying Wild Bill Hickory. We finally made an attempt a Sunday or so ago only to find that they aren't open Sundays. I couldn't just take the girls - this just had Family Food Adventure written all over it.

I have to be honest and admit that the food would have had to be totally inedible for me not to do a post about this place. I love this kind of thing the way I love food trucks. Think about it - a modified food trailer, a few tables, and a pretty neat mobile smoking rig situated in an artificial, sod-covered glade by the side of a country byway. The kind of laid back place where you can jawbone with the proprietor (whose name I forgot to ask). That's my kind of cool.

Saturday, we made it. Wild Bill Hickory BBQ not only didn't suck, it was darn good eats. The pulled pork was what you want from pulled pork: tender and juicy on a bun that's a bit snooty for such fare (Costanzo's?) but worked well. Trish enjoyed her chicken too. I'm glad she tried it 'cause I'm a purist. I want the pork. I particularly liked the baked beans on the side. Well done.

I wish I could talk about what the girls had. Let's just say that there options for BBQ heathens. ( And after Ellie tried mine she's ready to come back from the dark side).

If I had a gripe it would be that my personal preference is for a real vinegary finishing sauce to add at table. That's just me.

We are going back. Soon. Maybe a soon as when we pass on our return from vacation next week.

This time I'll remember to get introduced.

ETA: I have been shamed by Andrew Galarneau. Link here to location and menu.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
- Arthur C. Clarke

Life's too short to eat bad food -